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Zoom Hallucinations

These works of digital art were created with Zoom.

I find myself at the nexus of new ideas, new devices and tools, and a new paradigm in digital art.

I took a new communication technology, not designed as an art medium or tool, and cajoled it into cooperating with my artistic statement about the human condition.

As we grasp for answers and connection, we've begun a movement to dematerialize the art that describes us in a furtive attempt to make it genuine.

Our creative conundrum...

Found Horizon icon.png
"Found Horizon"  (detail)

The Intent

I utilize the camera of my device to combine

 landscapes and close-ups of my face.

Landscapes invade, crash into, and become one with the human face, evoking the inexorable oneness of

Humankind and Nature

Surreal floating Face.png
"Surreal: I Float in Happiness"   (detail)
Snow and Grass Shaman #4 (detail)
Tears on the red road icon.png
"Tears on the Red Road"   (detail)
Perusing the Praire icon.jpg
"Perusing the   Prairie"   (detail)
Listen to Meicon.png
"Listen Here!"   (detail)
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